Certificate of Authenticity, Callaway Cars

Authenticates: Callaway Corvette, Camaro, Pickup Trucks, SUVs and Cadillacs

Callaway Cars Inc. maintains a database that includes every car, truck and SUV produced by the firm. The records contain specific vehicle build information – VIN, body type, exterior color, interior color, engine and drivetrain type. This is the birth certificate for the car. For privacy reasons, no personal information is part of the Certificate.

You may purchase a Certificate of Authenticity to replace your vehicle’s original document or to authenticate your classic Callaway. Founder Reeves Callaway’s signature serves as ultimate validation that your Callaway is “The Genuine Article”.

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Callaway Certificates of Authenticity Callaway Certificates of Authenticity

Rocky Ridge vehicle owners, please note: Certificates of Authenticity are not available for Rocky Ridge – Callaway Edition vehicles. These vehicles were built by Rocky Ridge using components that Callaway supplied to their production facilities. As a result, Callaway Cars cannot issue Certificates of Authenticity for vehicles that it did not build.

You will be asked to enter your Callaway’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) when you fill out the Checkout Form, after you have completed filling your Cart.

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