Classified Advertising

Callaway has created a designated section of the website in which owners can advertise their Callaway vehicles for sale.

To initiate your advertisement order, please complete the Classified Advertising Form shown below. When you’ve submitted this form, you must click the Add to Cart button at the bottom of the page to enter your order.

You’re also asked to provide descriptive text and detailed photographs for your entry. Please note that the content and quality of your text and photos have a significant effect on the success of your advertisement.

With respect to text, we recommend paragraphs or bullet points that accurately describe the vehicle, including any pertinent features specific to your vehicle, devoid of hyperbole, embellishment and exclamation points. Photographs should include a variety of exterior, interior and underhood photos. We also recommend that whatever you photograph is clean; anything dirty looks even dirtier when viewed in a photo. Technical photo specifications are listed below.

Callaway Classified Advertising Form

    PLEASE NOTE: Asterisks (*) indicate required fields.

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    After submitting this form, you must click the Add to Cart button below to enter your order.

    Please email your text and photos to Callaway Cars at and include your Callaway sales order number.

    Photograph Specifications
    Maximum Quantity: 25 photos
    Image Format: jpg or png file format, RGB color format
    Preferred Photo Resolution: 72 dpi
    Minimum Height/Width (portrait): 800px/533px
    Minimum Height/Width (landscape): 533px/800px
    Maximum Height/Width: 1200px/1200px

    Need help with ad content or format? Call us at (860) 434-9002 or email us at and a knowledgable staff member will discuss your presentation with you in detail. Callaway Cars reserves the right to edit your advertising text.

    Your advertisement will remain on display for a period of six (6) months, or until you request its removal. To request removal, please email Callaway Cars at

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