Range Rover Callaway Parts & Service Supplement

The Range Rover Callaway Parts & Service Supplement outlines the unique service or unit repair procedures required for the 1999 Range Rover 4.6 HSE Callaway. This information can be used to supplement service and parts literature applicable to the North American market.

In the late ’90s, Land Rover and Callaway Cars collaborated on a performance enhancement program for a limited number of Range Rover 4.6 HSEs. Land Rover engineers, working together with Callaway Cars, optimized specific powertrain components to deliver a higher level of performance than was previously available. Many aspects of the engine’s intake and exhaust system were optimized to deliver increased power and performance. The result was an impressive 240 bhp at 5000 rpm and 285 lb-ft of torque at 3500 rpm. The 4.6-liter engine’s displacement was maintained, providing 52 bhp/liter, making it the most powerful production Land Rover VB ever produced. All of these special Range Rovers were assembled in Solihull, England on the standard Range Rover production line.

Other powertrain changes included a specific gear ratio for the transfer box, specific transmission and torque converter, stronger front axle shafts, and a stronger front axle differential. In addition, the electronic engine (GEMS) and automatic transmission control unit (TCM) software were revised to accommodate the increased torque and power output for this specification.

The exterior and interior of the vehicles were also enhanced to visually differentiate the 4.6L HSE Callaway from other Range Rovers.

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