Reeves Callaway Inducted into Corvette Hall of Fame

Reeves Callaway, President and Founder of Callaway Cars, inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame

The Celebrated Specialty Manufacturer Receives Top Honor from the Corvette Community

OLD LYME, CONNECTICUT (September 8, 2008) – Reeves Callaway, the renowned specialty automobile manufacturer and Founder of Callaway Cars, Inc., reached a personal and professional milestone as the latest inductee into the National Corvette Museum’s Hall of Fame. Callaway received the honor for his contributions to the automotive industry, particularly his work turning Chevrolet Corvettes into record-setting supercars that elevate the performance, exclusivity and style of the American sports car.

Since Callaway produced his first turbocharged Corvette in 1987, he has gained recognition for building some of the fastest and most exclusive supercars in the world. This latest honor underscores the prestige and respect reserved for the limited-edition vehicles that have come out of the Callaway facilities over the past 30 years.

“To be inducted into the Corvette Hall of Fame is both flattering and humbling” said Callaway. “I want to emphasize that this honor rightfully goes to all the men and women who have had a hand in making Callaway Cars what it is today.”

Callaway Cars has grown from garage based venture to multinational industry leader. Headquartered in Connecticut, the company has added facilities in California and Germany. Callaway Cars relies on the studied eye of its expert engineers and Canadian designer Paul Deutschman, who has penned the sleek lines of every Callaway Corvette, including the legendary 254 MPH Callaway Sledgehammer and the Le Mans-proven Callaway C4’s and C12R’s. The European racing program run by Callaway Competition GmbH, clinched the 2007 FIA GT3 Teams Championship, and currently leads the 2008 Championship. Callaway presented the Championship FIA GT3 trophy to Will Cooksey, the Chairman of the Board for the National Corvette Museum.

“I am very proud of our long history with the Corvette,” Callaway explained. “We were lucky to be asked to work with GM twenty years ago. I can look back over the Twin Turbos, the SuperNaturals and the Le Mans versions of the Corvette and, of course, the new supercharged Callaway Corvettes with enormous satisfaction.”

The Callaway Corvette program produces a 580 hp supercharged version of the C6 Corvette available through 25 select Callaway/ Chevrolet Retailers nationwide. The under-$20,000 option is available on the Convertible or the Coupe, and on the automatic or the manual transmission versions of the C6.

Callaway is an internationally recognized brand known for its unique ability to consistently transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. From component and system engineering through complete vehicle design and development, Callaway specializes in uncovering performance potential. For additional information on Callaway Cars, its automobiles and dealer locations, call 860-434-9002 or visit