Callaway Competition GmbH

  • Ernst Wöhr
  • Giovanni Ciccone
  • GT3-R
  • Builder of world-class Sports GT racecars, including Corvette C7 GT3-R’s currently competing in ADAC GT Masters series.
  • Accomplished in global GT racing series, including 24 Hours of Le Mans, SCCA, FIA GT, GT Sprint Italy, Australian GT, Super GT (Japan) and ADAC GT Masters series.
  • Specialists in the development and optimization of vehicle aerodynamics.
  • Provides complete racecar preparation and set-up services.
  • Currently manages multiple Corvette C7 GT3-R race teams; called “one of the most successful racing teams in ADAC GT Masters history”.

Callaway Competition was created in 1985 under the name “Wöhr & Ciccone”. Since its founding, the company has specialized on body production and race car construction. In 1988, Wöhr & Ciccone expanded to include distribution of Callaway Corvettes in Europe. Callaway Competition got its name in 1994. Since then, racing Corvettes developed and built in Leingarten for ADAC GT Masters and other series have achieved great success. Callaway Competition is the oldest team in ADAC GT Masters, and started in 1993 with a Corvette C4 at the ADAC GT Cup. Since 2006, more than twenty GT3 Corvettes have been built in Leingarten.