Callaway 25th Anniversary Edition

Commemorating 25 years of Callaway Competition accomplishments


Last year, 2020, marked Callaway Competition’s 25th year of operation. Headquartered in Leingarten Germany, Callaway Competition has constructed some of the most successful GT3 race cars in history. They’ve competed in numerous forms of international GT racing, collecting countless wins and podium finishes. Currently, Callaway Competition is recognized as “the most successful race team” of the ADAC GT Masters series, campaigning a Callaway Corvette against European GT3 sports cars. To commemorate Callaway Competition’s milestone, Callaway is preparing twenty-five specially-equipped “25th Anniversary Edition” Callaway Corvette SC757s.

A competition-oriented “Champion Package” is also offered as an option. It includes Callaway’s TrakPak, a selection of performance components and chassis setup derived from Callaway’s racetrack experience. In addition, several “Competition Options” (shown below) are available with or without the Champion Package.

For the 25th Anniversary Edition and optional Champion Package, the Callaway content is predefined and prices are fixed. Current Callaway Corvette owners enjoy a reduced price, however, as the cars are already fitted with some 25th Anniversary Edition standard equipment. Callaway sales staff can provide the owner with the amount of savings, specific to the particular car’s existing configuration.

Callaway 25th Anniversary Edition includes –

Optional Champion Package–

  includes TrakPak components:

Competition Options –

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Callaway offers the most comprehensive aftermarket warranty in the industry. Overlapping the factory GM warranty, Callaway covers all Callaway components and GM components that are affected by Callaway components. GM dealers do not block factory warranty on Callaway Corvettes; they perform maintenance and warranty repairs with support from Callaway Cars. Callaway warranty term expires when GM Bumper-to-Bumper warranty term expires; contact Callaway for details regarding pre-owned vehicle warranty.

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