Callaway AeroWagen™ Package

for C7 Corvette Stingray, Grand Sport and Z06 Coupes,
Stock Corvette or Callaway Corvette

• Hatch Assembly
• Upper Spoiler
• Halo Bar
• Tempered Glass
• Rear Spoiler
• AeroWagen Badging
• OEM Color Paint and Installation.

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In the tradition of coach built shooting brakes, Callaway offers the AeroWagen for any version of the C7 Corvette Coupe. Its components can be fitted to the standard production C7, the Callaway SC627 Stingray or Grand Sport, or the Callaway SC757 Z06. The AeroWagen hatch assembly is a part-for-part replacement of the original equipment Corvette rear hatch, using the original hardware and latching mechanisms. It operates in an identical fashion.

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AeroWagen package components are supplied ready to assemble. No fabrication is required. Carbon fiber moldings are pre-finished with UV protectant surface coat – prepared for paint-to-match options. Rear window panels are tempered safety glass and retain defogger functionality. The standard hatch can be re-installed.

Installation is performed at Callaway facilities in California and Connecticut, as well as at Callaway Authorized Retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a “shooting brake”?
Nineteenth century terminology describing a vehicle that could be used to carry shooting parties, their equipment, their dogs and their game. By the early twentieth century, “shooting brake” began to be used to categorize custom-built two-door station wagons using chassis of established luxury or sports cars.

2. Do I have to purchase a Callaway Corvette to get the AeroWagen package, or can I buy the package for my stock Corvette?
You do not have to buy a Callaway Corvette to get the AeroWagen package. It may be installed on your stock Corvette coupe.

3. Will the AeroWagen package include rear seats?
Unfortunately, the Corvette chassis and running gear configuration make it impossible to include seats in the cargo area.

4. Does the AeroWagen package include a new rear fascia, with different taillights?
The AeroWagen package does not include a new rear fascia.

5. What changes are made to the interior of the cargo area?
The standard AeroWagen package has no interior cargo area changes.

6. Where does the AeroWagen hatch begin and end? Is the car still a targa top?
The car would retain the Corvette targa top. AeroWagen bodywork replaces the original Corvette halo bar and hatch assembly utilizing the OEM seal, hinge and latch mechanisms.

7. Will there be a four-door version of the AeroWagen?

8. What drivetrain modifications are included with the AeroWagen package?
None. However, Callaway offers performance packages for all Corvettes that apply to AeroWagen-equipped cars.

9. Will the AeroWagen be equipped with all-wheel-drive?
No. Chevrolet has not released any plans to introduce all wheel drive for the Corvette platform.

10. What is the part number and price for the Callaway AeroWagen™ in Kit form?
Callaway part number: 250.72.8450, call Callaway for pricing at (860) 434-9002.

11. If I buy the AeroWagen in Kit form, do I pay sales tax?
If you purchase from California or Connecticut, the state sales tax applies. Otherwise, there is no sales tax payable.

12. Do I need to send Callaway a deposit with my order?
Yes, a 50% deposit is required, in certified funds – a bank check or wire transfer. Call Callaway for wire transfer instructions.

13. What sort of warranty does Callaway provide with the AeroWagen Kit?
Callaway warranties AeroWagen components for 3 years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first) on workmanship or defects. The Callaway warranty does not include paint or installation (unless Callaway paints or installs the Kit at their Connecticut or California facilities).

14. Do I get my old parts back?
If Callaway or a Callaway Authorized Dealer installs your AeroWagen Kit, you will receive all parts that are removed.

For more AeroWagen information, please call Callaway Cars: (860) 434-9002.